Version 2.15

OASIS version 2.15 is under development with so many enhancements we couldn't possibly list them all on this page!

Several user suggestions have been incorporated into this version as well as many performance enhancing features. Here's some of what you can expect:

  • CBEDS Subject Area code not required on manual transcript history entry
  • Latest STAR testing info storage - will also appear on report cards & transcript
  • Ability to enroll site-based students by course
  • Ability to manage 1+ schools
  • Ability to edit schedule during current status change
  • New user accounts forced to change password on first login
  • CSIS Academic Records Transfer
  • Percent proficient on learning records
  • Ability to flag Classified staff as an Advisor
  • ADA by Program report
  • Teacher Credentials & Assignments report
  • Prevent a login account from accessing the classified demographics
  • Dynamic progress report from site-based gradebook
  • Import Final grades to term report card from learning records and/or gradebook
  • Batch print report cards
  • Site-based gradebook spreadsheet to see all assignments and student average
  • Access the most recent schedule via student list
  • Units and total hours accomplished added to learning records
  • Individual independent study course teacher added to course description
  • Highly Qualified Teacher rules appied for all courses

Version 2.15 is currently in testing and is scheduled to begin rollout in March 2009. Current users will be contacted soon to establish an implementation date.

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